Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

"Verlustgeschäft" LP out now!!!

'We had to wait a bit longer than expected, but:
It's done, the first longplayer by Berlins finest coffee-addicted oldschool-post-hardcore-band is out. They moved on from their mid-90s inspired emocore to something, which could be discribed as a modern version of DC-Post-Hardcore. Like Fugazi meets Jawbreaker meets The Van Pelt. Or something like that...
They are giving us 10 great songs, dynamic, melodic, raw, diversified.
Good songwritng meets two guitars, which know how to deal with each other and vocals which fit perfectly into the whole.
Their lyrics are fantastic and if you whant to find out, what song-titles like „What would Clark Griswold do?“ or „I'm just trying to be a better person“ are about and how all this is connected to the bully of modern rockmusic Gunter Gabriel, than order your copy in our shop.
The artwork looks really fine and the vinyl comes in gatefolded cover.'

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