Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

recording and tour

we recorded the basic tracks for three new songs two weeks ago. vocals and some overdubs are still to go.
this is probably the popiest stuff we've ever written. we hope to release them as a 7'' or a split 12'' later this year.
our buddies from obstacles are going to join us on a short tour that will take place march 16th - 24th.
the schedule is:

16.03. hamburg/rote flora (confirmed)
17.03. hannover?
18.03. amsterdam?
19.03. münster?
20.03. wiesbaden?
21.03. nürnberg?
22.03. wien?
23.03. prag?
24.03. leipzig/halle?
26.03. berlin schokoladen (confirmed)

it would be very nice if you could help us out (synerror [ät] gmx [dot] net) with a show, but at least we're pleased to meet you!

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